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Data Sheet 1 Data Sheet MasterControl PDF Publishing™ The prospect of securely managing a corporation's "controlled content" is a challenging proposition for most manufacturers, especially in today's Internetpaced environment where electronic documents can be readily copied, distributed and shared with virtually anyone. Even within a controlled content and quality management environment, loopholes exist to expose what is intended to be controlled information. MasterControl PDF Publishing completely tackles the challenge to securely manage controlled content. Problems with printed and electronic "rogue" documents that seem to always be exchanged via email, shuffled around the office or tend to float around the shop floor can be alleviated. MasterControl PDF Publishing assures corporations, their content and their systems are always compliant, connected and complete. Compliant. MasterControl PDF Publishing fulfills regulatory requirements and quality standards that enforce content control, improve quality and ensure information reliability. Manufacturers risk serious regulatory and quality breaches when controlled documents are copied or saved outside of the system to an uncontrolled environment. MasterControl helps alleviate the consequences associated with uncontrolled documents by enabling electronic copies to "Self Destruct" and stamping expiration times on printed copies. These strict control capabilities fulfill FDA GxP and ISO requirements to ensure compliance and promote good business practices. MasterControl PDF Publishing meets FDA 21 CFR Part 11 requirements for signature manifestations by automaticallyembedding a list of all signatures to each document. FDA regulated companies achieve compliance while ISO certified and other organizations ensure good business practices. Now organizations have the ability to use MasterControl PDF Publishing to preserve record authenticity and improve regulatory and quality compliance by restricting user rights like open, copy, paste or other PDF options.

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