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Data Sheet 1 Data Sheet MasterControl Guest Connect™ In the manufacturing world, the later suppliers and other external parties are involved in the design process, the more expensive manufacturing becomes. Manually notifying outside parties of changes to specifications can be a costly drain on resources—not to mention an often-overlooked hassle for personnel— that may lead to excessive and expensive reworking and retesting. At worst, poor communication between manufacturers and external parties may lead to months spent developing and testing a new product only to find it cannot feasibly be manufactured in volume. In the blood and biologics world provider organizations need to keep processors informed of changes to donor criteria or other critical processes. Ideally, processors should be able to participate directly in making changes while a process is already underway. Outside of manufacturing, other departments such as Regulatory and Quality use outside consultants, medical writers, and other experts to help collaborate on and refine documents. These external parties also assist with project management and process refinement. How Can MasterControl Software Solutions Help You? The MasterControl Guest Connect™ software solution allows companies to give practical interaction capabilities—notifications, task assignments, reports, etc.—to external parties such as suppliers, partners, consultants, or processors early in the development cycle without having to give them a full access account. Early involvement in document and specification creation that is provided by MasterControl's automated system can streamline a wide variety of processes. Here's how MasterControl Guest Connect gives companies the capability to efficiently connect and collaborate with external organizations:

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