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Data Sheet 1 Data Sheet MasterControl Incident Reporting™ An integral part of quality management is the ability to capture quality events as a starting point for containment, corrective action, and preventive action. Examples of such defined quality events include: Nonconformances, Deviations, Variances and Customer Complaints. Other issues and observations may occur that do not fit any of these categories with the consequence of either being ignored or fed into one of these event handling systems regardless of suitability. In the first case, quality-related information is lost, and in the latter the handling system may become clogged and slowed down. How Can MasterControl Software Solutions Help You? MasterControl Incident Reporting serves as a pre-screen system to capture a wide variety of quality and non-quality events and to escalate issues to the appropriate channels. Here are some examples of how MasterControl is helping companies resolve major incident reporting issues: Challenges MasterControl Solution Incorrect Observations: Inappropriate CAPAs or other quality events are logged. This increases the work load on quality personnel and distracts from real problems. It also exposes more cases to scrutiny during an audit. Streamlined Incident Reporting: MasterControl serves as a pre-screen of issues, promoting only valid issues to a quality event when necessary. It can also route the issue to non-quality functions such as Human Resources. Disconnected System: Personnel often make observations but have no easy way to communicate such observations. Quality event information is missed and corrective action cannot be taken. Connected System: MasterControl Incident Reporting provides an automated system to log and evaluate observations from a broad range of personnel and processes. As such, it serves as a valuable source of additional quality information. Challenges and Solutions

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