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Data Sheet 2 MasterControl Supplier Corrective Action Request (SCAR)™ Features and Benefits: • Compliant System: MasterControl allows companies to maintain compliance by keeping quality systems continuously ready for inspections and audits, in a collaborative atmosphere with the vendors. • Automates Tasks: MasterControl automates all tasks pertaining to SCARs, including routing, notification, follow-up, escalation and approval. Automation helps simplify the compliance environment, making it easier to stay compliant. • Best Practice Process: A pre-configured form helps collect and track data throughout the SCAR process. - The process consists of a request phase, vendor collaboration and response, disposition and Supplier Review Board approval. - The request phase captures vendor and product information along with an issue description and expected response. - The vendor response can be entered either directly by a vendor representative or internal personnel that interfaces with the vendor. It captures all the main elements of a CAPA process, including containment, root cause, corrective and preventive action, and verification of completion. - During the disposition phase, internal personnel can easily assess whether or not responses are sufficient. The SCAR may be sent back for clarifications or to request additional responses. Internal verification tasks may be triggered, the audit schedule may be reviewed and action could be taken against the vendor, such as revoking approved status. - The Supplier Review Board has final approval responsibility for each SCAR, ensuring appropriate accountability in the quality system. • Analytics and Reporting: MasterControl provides standard and customized reports. Data can be summarized in multiple levels, so change orders can be reported by product, root cause, etc. Advanced analytics and reporting capabilities include dashboard, drill-down and scheduling features. Understanding Vendor Performance: Suppliers can be rated along many metrics: product defects shipped, order accuracy, lots accepted vs. rejected, responsiveness to requests and performance in audits are just a few. Tracking these metrics and making decisions about suppliers can be challenging. Vendor Scoring Methodology: Incidence of SCARs and response time are among the many metrics for supplier performance. The SCAR solution fits seamlessly into MasterControl's broader supplier quality management framework, which allows you to enforce higher vendor standards.

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