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MasterControl Mobile™ Mobilize! Why be chained to your laptop or desk when you can use MasterControl from anywhere you can access the Internet? MasterControl users that spend a significant part of their workday away from their computers can remotely access critical documents, tasks, and information using MasterControl Mobile functionality. How Can MasterControl Software Solutions Help You? MasterControl Mobile is designed to enable remote personnel such as sales/service field employees, manufacturing workers, executives, etc., to do their jobs more efficiently and effectively wherever they are and whenever they have time. It allows users to access information within the MasterControl system from a variety of devices, including smartphones and tablets. Here's how MasterControl Mobile addresses some of the major challenges that companies face when attempting to increase efficiency with MasterControl solutions: Challenges MasterControl Solution Lack of Access: Computer access is limited in manufacturing environments, which typically leads to a reliance on paper. Manufacturing workers often need access to documents such as SOPs and other information but they spend most of their time away from a computer station. Accessibility: Using MasterControl Mobile, any user can easily access critical information from anywhere using a mobile device. It extends the benefits of an automated system far beyond employees' desks at the office. Mobile helps companies cut down on paperwork, inefficiency, and compliance problems. No Remote Availability: There is often a need to access information from the MasterControl system from remote locations. Remote Convenience: MasterControl Mobile provides quick access to documents and information when personnel visit clients, prospects, suppliers, vendors, etc. Minimal Use by Executives: Executives are often needed for critical approvals, but typically don't have much time to devote to such tasks. Consequently, they are less involved in quality management. Executive Access: Executives with mobile devices are more likely to participate in the quality management system. MasterControl Mobile allows executives to not only know when they have critical approvals, but also perform these approvals. Features and Benefits: MasterControl Deviations is an ideal solution for controlling deviation incidents, for helping avoid their recurrence, and for taking a proactive approach to continuous quality improvement. Below is a summary of its key features. ■ Access to MasterControl Anywhere, Anytime: Users with mobile devices can participate in the quality management system where and when they want to. ■ Enhanced Usability: MasterControl Mobile significantly extends the usability of the system. It allows users a variety of options they can take advantage of remotely such as: □ Search for, view, and email documents □ Launch quality processes (such as a non-conformance, a complaint, etc.) □ Perform data collection for these quality processes □ View the "My Tasks" function and take corresponding actions, such as document approval, collaboration, form approval, form data entry, training, and project task signoff □ Enable data collection for other processes, such as equipment calibration, etc. MasterControl Mobile™

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