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Data Sheet 1 Data Sheet MasterControl Escrow Program Today's economy is filled with ups, downs and many unknowns. Companies invest tremendous amounts of money and effort in researching, procuring and implementing information technology to help them run more efficiently. With so much work involved in this process, it is important to secure such investments. Why MasterControl Escrow? MasterControl understands the commitment and good faith each customer makes when they choose the MasterControl suite of quality management solutions. To honor such commitment, MasterControl has established a program that offers customers peace-of-mind and security. The MasterControl Escrow Program provides an option for direct access to the source code of all MasterControl software through a secure and easily accessible escrow account. Should access to the source code ever be needed it will be made available to you upon your request. Escrow Program Benefits • Businesses cannot run without mission critical software packages and continual upgrades of these software packages • Escrow is a requirement by some regulatory bodies • Many organizations like the opportunity to modify software programs with their own in-house expertise • Information discovered in an audit may require access to the source code • Regulations that govern documentation of various software packages has increasingly become a source of warnings and possible fines by regulators • Businesses rely more and more on access to electronic documentation

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