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Data Sheet 1 Data Sheet MasterControl Event Analyzer Tracking and Trending of quality issues is an important aspect of any quality event management system. It enables early detection. It keeps CAPA lean by providing a mechanism to address many issues before they reach and clog your CAPA process. And it can provide confirmation that your completed CAPA was effective. More often than not, however, such efforts raise even more questions, such as: • How do you execute on this? Sticky notes on your monitor? Sifting through countless reports looking for patterns or recurrences only to repeat that tiresome exercise a month later? • How do you track the issues you are supposed to monitor? • How do you detect quality issues early, preventing bigger problems and costs down the road? • How do you effectively monitor those issues that are not quite frequent enough for CAPA and how do you demonstrate to an auditor that you did indeed keep an eye on them? • How do you know that a recent CAPA has been effective in identifying and eliminating root cause? How Can MasterControl Software Solutions Help You? No system can completely automate the task of Tracking and Trending, but MasterControl Event Analyzer provides crucial assistance. The Event Analyzer Agent allows users to monitor and automatically flag issues that meet predefined criteria. These criteria can be directed at a specific quality channel or broadly at all quality channels at once, thanks to the EventCard feature. Even better, Event Analyzer Agents become permanent records if they are associated with a CAPA or other quality event form, allowing you to show the results of your monitoring activities to an auditor anytime. Don't wait for the results of your next review, be notified in real-time of any occurrence of new relevant issues! Here's how MasterControl addresses some of the major challenges that companies face when trying to manage quality event data:

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