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• Compliance made simple: With a straightforward cloud-based system that has been pre-configured to simplify regulatory compliance, document control managers can focus on streamlining the flow of documentation. Audit trails and other compliance issues are automatically handled by the system. Engineering Departments: Engineers depend on having immediate access to the most up-to-date version of a document and that there is a single, verifiable "source of truth." Here's how MasterControl Spark responds to these engineering requirements: • Find documents you need, when you need them: Engineers care about quality and production, but they have deadlines to meet. MasterControl Spark allows engineering departments to leave document management to the document management experts. • Reliable engineering change management: MasterControl Spark ensures the development of safe and reliable products by applying current, approved, and released documentation to specific engineering changes, design history files, and similar records. IT Managers: There is an unrealistic expectation that IT professionals can expertly manage any system thrown their way. As a result, they usually fall into the category of being a jack-of-all-trades, master of none. The benefits of MasterControl Spark for IT managers include: • Pre-configured functionality: With Spark, there's no need to hire additional IT staff to maintain the software and train people how to use it because everything is pre- configured. The system allows you to easily adapt your business to industry best practices, rather than try to take best practices from your business and adapt them to a software system. Plus, the system's pre-built educational assets are all delivered electronically and are continually updated to allow for frequent use. • Resource-light implementation and management: Deployment of MasterControl Spark is as simple as an upload from the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud. Everyone has the assurance of being on the same version and the same hardware without any installation headaches. Because everything is pre-configured and automatic, Spark is the perfect fit for companies that lack a robust IT infrastructure and don't have the time or resources to become experts with new systems. 4

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