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MasterControl Spark Implementation Schedule Spark is a hosted product package that can get smaller companies' quality management systems up and running in just weeks. Growing companies of less than 50 employees have the same rigorous quality, regulatory, and document control requirements as large companies but they don't have the same money and resources. Spark is specifically designed to help these companies streamline efficiency and accelerate compliance on a realistic budget. It delivers the same world-class MasterControl software used by some of the biggest life sciences, manufacturing, and ISO companies in the world that has been specially tailored to fit the needs of smaller businesses. Here's how MasterControl's Spark is deployed: Step 1 • Access to Preview: This is your first look at MasterControl. It is your playground, complete with all MasterControl modules activated and a demo database set. • Access to MasterControl University: MCU gives you access to all the end-user training videos you'll need and provides a great jumping on point to start playing with Preview. • JumpStart Training: This set of documents and PowerPoints will walk you through the JumpStarts specific to your package. • System Administrator Training: These videos will guide you through the ins and outs of MasterControl and teach you how to set up and use your new tools. • Steps to Success: This video will show you how to advance on your next phases of your progression with MasterControl. 1 Go Live with MasterControl Documents™ Installation Implementation Typical QMS Implementation

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