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Can You Afford a Data Security Breach?

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Data Sheet 1 Data Sheet Can You Afford a Data Security Breach? The methods and technology of cyberattacks continue to evolve and become more sophisticated. In 2009, a computer worm, known as Conficker infected more than 300 magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) devices around the world. This means all companies, in all industries, need to be alert, agile and maintain up-to- date threat intelligence and detection practices to avoid or at least minimize the damages from an attack. Thinking that your organization is safe from threats because your company or market is small, or your data is not highly sought after, is not a security strategy. The nature and motives of cyberattacks are wide spread. Regulated companies are particularly vulnerable because they are a popular target for cybercriminals looking for intellectual property or information on clinical trials. IT security is a critical part of your operation. If you have security vulnerabilities in your IT infrastructure, there is a high probability that you could experience a breach. It's important to be aware of the different types of cyberattacks as well as steps you can take to guard against them. Upgrading Regularly is Your Best Defense One of the best methods for protecting your infrastructure and data is to ensure that your operating systems and system software is running the latest versions and patches. MasterControl strengthened cybersecurity measures by incorporating technology called Incapsula for cloud customers. Regularly installing software upgrades will elevate your ability to fend off known and emerging threats. Common Cyberattack Methods The following are some of the more common cyberattacks used to breach organizations' computer systems and how MasterControl can help you avoid them. • Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS): DDoS attacks overload targeted resources such as websites and web applications, network functions and

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