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The Benefits of Automatic Upgrades

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Data Sheet 1 Data Sheet Stay Up-to-Date with MasterControl Cloud™ MasterControl Cloud™ automatic upgrades eliminates the stress and uncertainty of software upgrades. As a hosted customer you already enjoy the advantages of not having to build and maintain an expensive infrastructure. Automatic upgrades will enhance your hosted experience by harnessing the power of full cloud technology. Knowing the amount of time, effort and service costs that go into software upgrades might compel you to delay the process. However, prolonging your upgrades can greatly complicate the implementation, testing, validation and training tasks. This could mean extensive system downtime to complete an upgrade, which pulls your attention away from more pressing business issues. Benefits of Automatic Upgrades • Predictable Timing and IT Costs – Always Know the Time Frame and Costs of Upgrades It can be frustrating when you're unable to use the latest version of your software because of IT budget and resource limitations. With automatic upgrades, all subscription and service fees are transparent. There are no surprise costs that vary based on the size of the upgrade. • Accelerate Validation – Always Have a Complete and Accurate Assessment of Your Software Risk Cloud customers can use MasterControl's Validation Excellence tool (VxT), which is designed to cut your overall validation time from months to days, if not hours. Learn more about MasterControl Validation Excellence. • Immediate Access to all the Latest Features – Always Have the Most Current Functionality Regulated companies are commonly under pressure to optimize processes in order to meet stringent production timelines and compliance requirements. Automatic upgrades mean you always have the latest features, enhancements and the highest quality software, which elevates overall productivity. • Optimal System Performance – Always in Sync with Current Versions How many times have you learned that the resolution for an issue you're experiencing is in a later version? With automatic upgrades you will always have the current version of the software, which eliminates the frustration of knowing the feature or fix you need isn't available in your version. Accelerate Deployment with Automatic Upgrades Upgrades in MasterControl's cloud environment are seamless and require less time and effort to deploy. • Accelerate Implementation and Minimize Downtime: No more unpredictable obstacles that result in costly downtime and production delays. • Control Costs: IT staff can devote more attention to business-critical projects. • Improve Scalability: Enjoy the full benefits of a cloud infrastructure that can easily scale when needed.

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