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Data Sheet 1 Data Sheet MasterControl MicroServices Every MasterControl project is different, from scope to budget and everything in between. MasterControl MicroServices allows you to pick and choose the exact services that you need from a robust lineup of offerings to best suit your current business objective, whatever that might be. Designed to provide clear, outcome- based deliverables so that you know exactly what you will get out of a service – and how much it will cost – before you purchase it, MasterControl MicroServices lets you make significant improvements to your MasterControl system with minimal investment. How Can MasterControl MicroServices Help Your Organization? MasterControl MicroServices provides a la carte services to fit every project and budget. Each MicroService offers discrete, pre-determined deliverables and a reduced time frame, allowing you to make necessary improvements to your system and bring quick value to your business. Who Should Use It? MasterControl MicroServices can benefit any company that wants to make a concrete change or improvement to its MasterControl system that does not require a full-blown project – whether creating new roles, modifying workflows, re-creating custom reports in MasterControl's new reporting engine, building audit templates, developing a data migration plan and much more. How Does It Work? MicroServices can be purchased in units based on the estimated number of hours to complete the deliverables. Regardless of the number of hours ultimately required to complete the MicroService project, the cost will not change. MicroService units are flexible and interchangeable, meaning you can apply them to any service available in the a la carte menu at any time within one year of purchase.

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