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Data Sheet 1 Data Sheet MasterControl Field-Based Solutions (FBS) Equipment Calibration™ Whether or not a piece of manufacturing or testing equipment is properly calibrated can make or break the quality, safety and overall viability of product that comes off the line – and the margins of error are small. It can also put your company at risk of noncompliance with FDA and other regulations or guidances, and ultimately stop your production line in its tracks. The most common calibration missteps – overdue tasks and insufficient documentation – often result from managing the calibration process manually or with disparate systems. MasterControl FBS Equipment Calibration™ is a best practice process solution that automates and manages routine calibration activities and record keeping. Configuring the solution to suit your unique processes and business risk policies is easy and upgrade compliant because it uses data structures instead of custom code. In fact, it's as easy as toggling features, fields and functionality on or off. FBS Equipment Calibration is built on the MasterControl Platform and leverages other process solutions, modules and core functionality that are critical to the calibration process. As such, dynamic routing of calibration tasks to appropriate personnel and subsequent tracking, initiation of investigations or repairs, and compiling all communication and actions from a calibration workflow are performed automatically and seamlessly by the system with minimal configuration effort or manual input. Features and Benefits at a Glance: • MasterControl InfoCards for equipment. This core MasterControl feature allows you to fully maintain your calibration assets within the solution, enabling the use of metadata, workflows, change packets and more, while providing easy access to all calibration records associated with a single piece of equipment. • Automatic communication tracking. FBS Equipment Calibration allows you to compile a record of all email correspondence – both internal and external – related to a form and stores it in an easily accessible Communications Log, which is automatically included as part of the audit trail.

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