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MasterControl Field-Based Solutions (FBS) Equipment Maintenance™

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Data Sheet 1 Data Sheet MasterControl Field-Based Solutions (FBS) Equipment Maintenance™ Manufacturing equipment is the engine that runs your shop floor system, driving product down the line and out to market. When machinery isn't operating at its best, it's more than just a headache for maintenance teams; it directly impacts your bottom line by compromising product quality, causing safety risks, creating production delays, and even halting production altogether. Proactive equipment maintenance – including both routine preventive upkeep and timely and systematic corrective repairs – helps you maintain optimum production performance and extends the life of your machinery. And with the right solution, equipment maintenance can be a seamless and automatic process instead of a costly resource burden. MasterControl FBS Equipment Maintenance™ offers form-based process solutions for preventive and corrective maintenance that have been developed based on industry best practices and direct customer feedback. The Preventive Maintenance solution enforces a standard maintenance schedule for routine upkeep of machinery, and the responsive Corrective Maintenance solution initiates timely repairs when the need arises. By using data structures rather than custom code, FBS Equipment Maintenance is easily configurable and upgrade compliant, even in the cloud. The solution integrates with the full FBS library of process solutions and core MasterControl modules and functionality, which enables dynamic routing of maintenance tasks to the right person at the right time; subsequent task tracking and follow-up; initiation of investigations and repairs; and compiling all actions and communications related to maintenance events in a compliant and readily accessible audit trail. Features and Benefits at a Glance: • MasterControl InfoCards for equipment. This core MasterControl feature allows you to fully maintain your maintenance assets within the solution, enabling the use of metadata, workflows, change packets and more, while providing easy access to all maintenance records associated with a single piece of equipment.

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