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Data Sheet 1 Data Sheet MasterControl Recipe™ Faster Growth. Fewer Growing Pains. In pharma, food and beverage, supplements, and other batch process manufacturing environments, recipe variations and substitutions are not only common, but essential to a company's ability to increase market share or expand into new markets altogether. Despite the prevalence of these variations – from ingredients, flavors, colors and potency to lot sizes, equipment, processes and packaging – manufacturers often lack a sustainable method for managing them. A vast majority of companies rely on Microsoft Word™ and other manual systems to generate and maintain unique production record templates to document each variation, no matter how small. The result is a time-intensive and error-prone recipe management process that diverts skilled resources, slows production, compromises product quality and compliance, and leads to costly shipping delays. MasterControl's recipe management solution digitizes and automates this inefficient process, letting companies do more growing with fewer growing pains. How Can MasterControl Help You? Depending on the nature and diversity of goods produced, at least 30 percent of a process manufacturer's master batch records typically require some degree of recipe or formula variation that must be documented in a unique record. In many cases, this can equate to thousands of records per master batch record. The common pains cited by manufacturers that use manual systems to manage their recipe documentation include time-consuming record creation, errors in data recording and transfer, inefficient change control, poor visibility into production data and documentation, and significant delays in tracing quality events. These pains, and change control in particular, are magnified in growing companies and those with a high degree of product variation, multiple product lines, or production facilities across multiple sites. MasterControl Recipe™ manages recipe changes directly from the master batch record, reducing product documentation while improving production data integrity, accessibility and compliance. Offered as part of the Manufacturing Excellence solution, MasterControl Recipe streamlines the product recipe management process, helping manufacturers increase cash flow, improve customer satisfaction and ultimately scale their business.

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