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Data Sheet 1 Data Sheet Always Stay Ahead With MasterControl Cloud™ Global competition, complex regulations, and evolving technology demand rapid change. Regulated companies face a continuously changing business and regulatory landscape. A traditional on-premise system that requires a periodic upgrade by an internal IT staff is too expensive and not agile enough.This model is fast becoming burdensome and archaic. The Benefits of "Always" Stay nimble and keep ahead of the game with MasterControl Cloud solutions and enjoy the following benefits: • Always Current – You don't have to worry about the next upgrade because it will be automatic. Rest assured your software is the current version. You will be able to leverage the latest enhancements and features designed to increase efficiency and productivity. • Always Agile – Even though your software upgrades are automatic, you do have the choice of upgrading either once a year or more frequently for agility. Choose the frequency most suitable for your organization's culture. Worried about automatic upgrades of functionalities you don't need? MasterControl Cloud includes several mechanisms that allow you to deploy only selected products and features to minimize disruptions. • Always Secure – Using the current software version means you have the most up-to-date tools to protect against hackers and malware. The latest security patches are applied on a routine basis. In addition, our cloud infrastructure provides a secure environment through data separation. The approach avoids the risk of data commingling and prevents exposure of your sensitive and proprietary information to other companies. • Always Safe – MasterControl Cloud includes regular maintenance and backup services and disaster recovery. You can rely on round-the-clock monitoring and expect an industry standard uptime of 99.95 percent. • Always Cost-Effective – A cloud infrastructure eliminates the need to buy hardware or hire a large IT staff to deploy the solution and maintain it. The result: a dramatically lower cost for you. Get on the Cloud Like our satisfied customers worldwide, you can be on cloud nine, too! Get a quick demo and find out how MasterControl Cloud can help you: • Speed up your time to market • Save time, money, and effort on compliance • Maintain a constant state of inspection-readiness

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