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MasterControl Manufacturing Excellence™ Systems Integrations

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Data Sheet 1 Data Sheet MasterControl Manufacturing Excellence™ Systems Integrations Collect, Connect and Contextualize Your Production Data. By definition, when data is offline or only partially digital, it's disconnected. And when data is disconnected, it's impossible to analyze and operationalize in context of other cross-functional data to glean meaningful insights and make the right decisions for your business. An inability to fully digitize – and thus, fully integrate – the factory floor remains the primary barrier to capitalizing on production and quality data. How Can MasterControl Help You? MasterControl Manufacturing Excellence™ is a first-of-its-kind, intelligent-edge application that collects, connects and contextualizes shop floor data and fully digitizes your production records. By seamlessly integrating critical software applications from ERP to MES, LIMS to CRM and more, the solution not only digitizes the paper-based and partially digital processes that persist at the line level, but enables an unprecedented degree of automated data transfer and correlated insights across the entire enterprise. In so doing, MasterControl Manufacturing Excellence serves as the final source of truth for all production data required by current good manufacturing practices (CGMP). The output is a complete, compliant and digital production record in a fraction of the time, at a fraction of the cost, and 100% error-free – every time. In three key ways, MasterControl Manufacturing Excellence is changing how manufacturers leverage their enterprise data. Collect Most manufacturers use an IT ecosystem of multiple purpose-built software solutions deployed across teams and areas of the enterprise. Each system is used to capture, manage, document and analyze essential business metrics, and represents a critical source of truth about a company's overall operations, performance, quality and compliance. In regulated industries, data from each Common Applications in a Manufacturing IT Ecosystem: • ERP/MRP • MES • LIMS • SCADA • CRM • IMS • LMS • WMS • SCM

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