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Toolkit Videos 1 Videos 1 Supplier Toolkit for MasterControl Customers In today's dynamic business environment, partnering and outsourcing various aspects of a business has become a necessary practice. Ensuring that partners and vendors maintain an acceptable level of quality and regulatory compliance, however, can be a daunting task. And MasterControl customers doing business in regulatory environment bear that responsibility. To ensure that our customers can create efficient and compliant supplier management programs, MasterControl has invested over 360 expert hours into the development of this Supplier Toolkit that provides a wide variety of useful complimentary materials that can improve the way you manage your suppliers and vendors. Tour of MasterControl Supplier v11.5 MasterControl solutions consultant Rob Carpenter guides customers through a tour of the latest version of the supplier module and shows how this integrated solution can help you better manage the suppliers and vendors you work with. MasterControl Supplier Software See how MasterControl unites supplier-related documents, specifications, scheduled supplier scorecards, risks, audits, and quality events under a centralized easy-to-use platform. Automating Your Supplier Quality Management Learn how automated tools can help you better manage not only your suppliers but also all the audits, risk factors, documents, and quality events that are involved in supplier quality management.

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