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Toolkit 2 MasterControl ROI Toolkit for EQMS Implementation Why Companies Choose MasterControl Customers offer testimonials about MasterControl's reasonable cost, good reputation, and user-friendliness, and explain how references and demonstrations from other MasterControl customers helped them ultimately select an EQMS. MasterControl Quality Management System QMS Whiteboard Overview This video outlines the various phases of bringing a new product to market and shows how a dependable EQMS can make each phase more efficient and compliance-ready. ROI Toolkit White Papers: • What is the True Cost of Not Having an EQMS? MasterControl's lead solutions consultant Paul Sanderson discusses the most common quality pains he sees among companies doing business in regulatory environments and offers strategies on choosing an EQMS to nullify those challenges. • Cost of Inaction - Taking Quality Management Processes Digital Geared toward executives hesitant to adopt emerging quality technology, this spotlight from LNS Research provides insights into the increasingly expensive inefficiencies caused by continued use of existing homegrown, siloed quality management systems. • Multipurpose Tool vs. Integrated Best-of-Breed Modules: What's the Difference? Learn the advantages of best-of-breed (BoB) EQMS modules compared with multipurpose enterprise tools like spreadsheets and ERPs and learn about the critical areas an integrated BoB platform addresses. • The Pros and Cons of Buying vs. Building a Quality Management System A review of this white paper can help cost-conscious companies determine whether it's more affordable to build a homegrown system or to buy a proven EQMS system and discover which option is the most cost-effective, both initially and over the long haul.

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