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Real World Evidence (RWE) Using AWS Services For more information on Real World Evidence and other ways AWS can help your organization,visit us at: Healthcare is undergoing dramatic change and drug payments are in the crosshairs of industry reform. Life science companies are responding with Real World Evidence (RWE) to capture data from clinical through post- market activities to prove drug products are efficacious, to maintain formulary preference, and to maximize reimbursement. STEP 1: Streaming (e.g. wearables), structured, and unstructured data is acquired from myriad devices and services. Depending on the data size, you may want to use AWS IoT (streaming), AWS Storage Gateway (mid-size/continual batch), and AWS Snowball (large, legacy datasets, such as imaging). AWS IoT writes to Amazon Kinesis Firehose, which transforms the telemetry data in-flight to land both transformed and raw data in Amazon S3. STEP 2: Upon landing in S3 buckets, an AWS Lambda function is invoked (either by trigger or manually). STEP 3: This Lambda function writes to a Data Catalog, fronted by Amazon API Gateway, containing metadata about all of the object data in S3, as well as data residing in databases, such as Amazon Redshift. STEP 4: AWS Lambda writes the appropriate metadata about the objects into Amazon Elasticsearch Service and/or Amazon DynamoDB. Key design criteria for a RWE platform should include: • Flexible ingestion of data • Scalability and durability • Options for global deployment • Self-service capabilities that accommodate both technical and non-technical users • Robust security and compliance In order to help customers build their own RWE platforms, the following diagrams are reference architectures for data acquisition, data processing and data consumption using AWS Services. Bucket with imaging, omics, etc. (non streaming) IoT thing Med device / Wearable AWS Storage Gateway AWS Lambda AWS Lambda Amazon API Gateway Bucket with source data Bucket with transformed data Amazon DynamoDB Record Metadata in Data catalog Store Streaming, Structured and Unstructured Health Data Acquire from Wearables, EHRs, Genomics, etc. Amazon Elasticsearch Service AWS Snowball Amazon Kinesis Firehose 4 4 3 2 2 2 1 1 1 Data Acquisition

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