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As the leading platform for finding and engaging prospects and customers, Marketo is one of the best marketing investments you can make. As your marketing practice evolves from a lead generation machine to the organization's customer champion and revenue generator, Marketo may no longer deliver the full complement of insights required to support your business strategy. While Marketo lets you build, track, and analyze the activities connected to specific campaigns, it doesn't provide a way to visualize clickstream data and follow leads beyond the campaign limits. Where do they go after they've visited your landing page? Why didn't they sign up for that webinar? How did they continue their search for solutions? Google Analytics can fill in the gaps and extend the sightlines, enabling you to see—and demonstrate— even greater value from your Marketo platform. Capture your customers from every angle, follow them wherever they roam, and anticipate their needs based on actions taken across every channel. G E T A 3 6 0° C U STO M E R V I E W W I T H D E E P G O O G L E A N A LY T I C S A N D M A R K E TO I N T EG R AT I O N When you connected your CRM to Marketo, it opened a world of possibilities for engaging your leads at scale. When you connect Marketo to Google Analytics, you can add to that world with remarkable fidelity and detail. SHARE NOW: MULTIDIMENSIONAL CUSTOMER INSIGHT Every successful organization is customer-centric, but aligning marketing technologies with customer pathways and preferences is not always easy. A robust Google Analytics–Marketo integration enables you to connect more touchpoints, see the bigger picture, and track the customer journey from end to end. Use aggregate data to uncover and align behavioral insights for each person in your system and together, the two platforms offer endless opportunities to understand your customers on a deeper level. END-TO-END REVENUE ATTRIBUTION In addition to revealing the complete customer journey, creating a deep integration between Google Analytics and Marketo uncovers the complete revenue journey. Consolidating the data from both platforms gives your organization an unobstructed view of the multiple touchpoints that contributed to conversion. Evaluate the ROI of any channel or strategy, distribute commissions fairly, and allocate resources to high- performing activities.

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