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Doc ID: 7298 / Issue Date: May 2019 © SAI Global Pty Limited Copyright 2016 - ABN 67 050 611 642 Page 1 of 4 FSC ® CONTROLLED WOOD - PUBLIC SUMMARY OF DUE DILIGENCE SYSTEM This template is a guide for Certificate Holders, based on FSC-STD-40-005 V3-1 (or later version) Section 6 "Publically available information". It is not mandatory to use this template. Any other format will be accepted as long as all required information is provided. The use of this template is no guarantee for complying with the respective requirements Changes of the DDS, including changes of the respective risk assessment and control measures must be approved by SAI Global before it can be applied. The confidential nature of the information may be determined by the legislation that the organization must be in compliance with. Commercially sensitive information and the names of individual landholders may be treated as confidential. The certificate holder shall not include confidential information in the DDS Summary, but provide a justification why such information cannot be published. A. General Information Certificate holder Information Certificate holder name: Les Bois de Plancher PG Inc FSC Certificate code: SAI-COC-001076 Qualification of persons who developed the DDS, including engagement of external parties: Serge Noel- Supply Manager PG Hardwood Flooring Jean Francois Légaré , ING F- Camint consultants Justification for excluding confidential information: No Exclusion Summary of changes made to the organization's DDS System (changes to suppliers structure, risk assessment, risk designation, mitigation/control measures, etc.): Risk Analysis FSC-CNRA-CAN V1-0 and FSC-CNRA-USA V1-0 Update of the suppliers list and supply area. If possible, avoid suppliers who are sourcing from unspecified risk areas. CANADA : Control measures 3.1 HVC 1-1 (NA0414 NA0410 and NA0407) USA: No control measures, no sourcing in specified risk area in 2019, physical segregation as needed. B. Feedbacks/Complaints Please contact the person listed below by email, letter or phone: Name: Serge Noel Position: Supply Manager Address: 2424, Principale, Saint-Édouard de Lotbinière, Québec, Canada, G0S1Y0 Phone: 418-796-2328 EXT 156 Email: C. Supply Chain Site Name Exact Nb. of suppliers Approx. Nb. of sub-suppliers Type of suppliers Average intermediate between forest to Risk of mixing with non-eligible input

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