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For more information on Pharma and Biotech or other ways AWS can help your organization visit us at: © 2019, Amazon Web Services, Inc. or its Affiliates. All rights reserved. Key AWS Partners for Clinical Trials INTELLIGENT TRIAL PLANNING Intelligent trial planning using data insights to design protocols with better potential for adherence, decreasing the overhead of patients recruitment and locating sites From design to feasibility analysis in minutes vs. 4–6 weeks Scenario planning to enable optimal execution + up to a 20% cost reduction Greater accuracy shortens timeline = Hundreds of thousands of dollars per month saved TRIAL PARTICIPANT MONITORING Philips HealthSuite Digital Platform is a secure and compliant data integration platform that enables the use of IoT and the integration of patient-reported outcomes and other relevant data sources in clinical trials. Embed HealthSuite digital platform to enhance your clinical trials: • Increase the breadth of data while decreasing costs and reliance on a physical trial site • Improve data quality and accuracy of data for submission. SYNTHETIC CONTROLS Medidata's Synthetic Control Arm™ and Synthetic Control Database™ are constructed utilizing standardized, fit-for-purpose data from over 15,000 previous clinical trials and 4.2 million patients. Synthetic Control Arm™ employs precise statistical matching from a vast pool of historical trial controls to patients in the experimental arm of a clinical trial. This approach can improve a Sponsor's estimation and confidence in interpreting uncontrolled treatment response rates, enabling better decisions on which therapies to advance, while minimizing/ replacing the need for control patients. MESSAGING STANDARDS Deloitte's ConvergeHEALTH TM platform is a patient engagement suite that aligns services, workflows and interactions to support clinical trials as well as individualized patient journeys. The platform collects and analyzes interaction data that enhances the understanding of patient experience on behavioral, clinical, and socioeconomic dimensions. Increase connectivity with trial participants via the ConvergeHEALTH™ platform and applications, and aggregate patient data from multiple sources to connect both clients and external vendor data into a single view for all patient interactions. part of Accenture

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