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Navigating GDPR Compliance on AWS

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Amazon Web Services Navigating GDPR Compliance on AWS 8 Temporary Access Tokens Through AWS STS You can use the AWS Security Token Service (AWS STS) to create and provide trusted users with temporary security credentials that grant access to your AWS resources. Temporary security credentials work almost identically to the long-term access key credentials that you provide for your IAM users, with the following differences: • Temporary security credentials are for short-term use. You can configure the amount of time that they are valid, from a few minutes to several hours. After temporary credentials expire, AWS does not recognize them or allow any kind of access from API requests made with them. • Temporary security credentials are not stored with the user account. Instead, they are generated dynamically and provided to the user when requested. When (or before) temporary security credentials expire, a user can request new credentials, if that user has permissions to do so. These differences provide the following advantages when you use temporary credentials: • You do not have to distribute or embed long-term AWS security credentials with an application. • Temporary credentials are the basis for roles and identity federation. You can provide access to your AWS resources to users by defining a temporary AWS identity for them. • Temporary security credentials have a limited customizable lifespan. Because of this, you do not have to rotate them or explicitly revoke them when they're no longer needed. After temporary security credentials expire, they cannot be reused. You can specify the maximum amount of time the credentials are valid.

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