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2 PREAMBLE – NSG Organization NS Golbey mill is part of Norske Skog Group, which is among the world leader in the publication paper industry (newsprint and magazine). The production capacity of Golbey mill is 600 000 tons of newsprint per year. Part of the raw material, wood, comes from re-use of forest by-products: sawmill chips and logs from thinning. 1. Corporate Social Responsibility : Norske Skog has integrated the Corporate Social Responsibility in its strategy through 10 commitments each applied in concrete actions: The workplace: People are central to our performance. We thus focus on labor relations, working environment, health and safety and skills development. The Environment: We concentrate our efforts on reducing our carbon footprint and supporting the sustainable management of raw materials. The Marketplace: Our aim is to improve the overall performance of our site, especially by keeping our costs under control, so as to ensure the business is profitable and sustainable. The Community: We work to strengthen our influence in local economy and social life and to promote our approach with all our stakeholders, and more particularly our customers and suppliers. 2. Quality Management : NSG has a certification in the following fields: Environment: ISO 14 001 Organization: ISO 9 001 Energy management: ISO 50 001

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