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Référence du document: 7302 / Date d'émission: Sept 2017 © SAI Global Limited Copyright 2016 - ABN 67 050 611 642 Page 1 of 1 November 1, 2017 PUBLIC NOTICE公告 SUBJECT: Metrie Distribution Group (dba Metrie Canada Ltd., Metrie Inc.). – FSC ® Controlled Wood Audit FSC ® 受控木材审核 SAI Global services have been retained to conduct an FSC Controlled Wood audit for the following organization: Metrie Distribution Group. This audit is scheduled for the week of 18 december 2017. 华赛天成全球已经确定对于如下组织执行FSC受控木材审核:Metrie Distribution Group这次审核安排在 18 december 2017.。 To assist with the audit, SAI Global solicits all interested stakeholders to participate in this process. You will find, as link to this communication, a summary of the Due Diligence System put in place by the organization to ensure that its supply chain is in conformance with FSC Controlled Wood requirements. If you have any comments or concerns regarding this Due Diligence System or the organization supply chain that you would like us to address you may contact the lead auditor Julie Stangell by email at 为了协助此次审核,华赛天成全球会征求所有感兴趣的相关方来参与这个过程。您会发现,组织的尽职调查制度汇总将会得到沟通,来确保该组织的供应 链能和FSC受控木材要求保持一致。如果您对于尽职调查制度或者该组织供应链有任何建议或想法,您可以联系主任审核员Julie Stangell,或者 发送电子邮件至。'17)_-_Metrie_Dist..pdf To help you understand the process you may get a copy of the Standard from the FSC Canada website at: 为了帮助您更好的理解这个流程,您可以从FSC加拿大网站上获得一份标准的拷贝文件,网址如下: Also, we would like to inform you that all your input and views will remain strictly confidential to SAI Global and FSC and that all auditors have signed confidential agreements and that SAI Global has in place mechanisms for resolution of complaints or disputes. 同样,我们将会告知您,您的所有建议和观点将会获得华赛天成全球和FSC严格保密,我们所有的审核员已经签署了保密协议,并且华赛天成全球已建 立解决投诉或争端的机制。 We are also taking this opportunity to ask you if you would be aware of Groups, Associations, First Nation communities that you think should be part of this consultation process. You can send us their coordinates via my email or by regular mail. 我们也利用这个机会来征询您,如果您认为有其他组织,协会,原住民团体等应当参与到这个流程中的,您可以将该组织的协调人联系方式通过电子邮件 或者邮寄的方式发给我们。 If you have any other questions regarding the upcoming audit please do not hesitate to contact me us. 如果您还有关于即将到来的审核的其他疑问,请随时联系我们。 Regards, 祝好 Julie Stangell SAI Global Lead Auditor

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