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Armory's Exclusive Spinnaker Features Armory Is Spinnaker at Enterprise Scale Spinnaker is a powerful open source tool for continuous software delivery, greatly enhancing the ability of engineering teams to deploy with velocity and safety. Armory's Spinnaker distribution enhances and extends OSS Spinnaker, increasing stability and reliability and adding enterprise-grade features including: Armory Managed Spinnaker • A fully-managed instance of Spinnaker, installed in your cluster • Armory manages Spinnaker so you don't have to, with 24/7 expert support and a 99.95% uptime SLA Armory Terraform Integration • Seamless integration of Spinnaker with Hashicorp Terraform • Run Terraform plan / apply / destroy / output stages as part of your Spinnaker pipeline to fully align your infrastructure with your deployments Armory Pipeline-as-Code • Dynamically create and store Spinnaker pipelines (in JSON, HCL, or YAML) in a Github, Gitlab, or Bitbucket repository • Enables a) version control, templates, and modularization in your pipelines, b) repeatable, scaleable pipelines by avoiding the need to use the Spinnaker UI, and c) sophisticated features such as conditional logic, multiple repo / multiple branch support, Slack notifications, and more Armory Policy Engine • Set up and enforce pipeline compliance rules across your entire enterprise • Key DevSecOps feature, enabling fine-grained access control and ensuring proper compliance and configuration throughout the deployment pipeline Armory Account Management API • Quickly and efficiently add new accounts to Spinnaker and make them available to your users as soon as they're provisioned • Replace manual account configuration with a simple API call that gets picked up by Clouddriver automatically Armory DevOps Insights • Log and display your Spinnaker data exhaust in dashboards for at-a-glance insight into your SDLC • Gain actionable insights into your SDLC value stream and problems affecting lead time (ie. SLO/SLI, slow stages, open PRs, manual judgements, pipeline failures, etc.) Armory Secrets Management • Encrypt secrets used within your Spinnaker configuration files • Hashicorp Vault and encrypted S3-compatible buckets are supported as secrets engines Armory Release Management • Install, configure, deploy and upgrade your Spinnaker instance with ease, speed, and confidence • Guarantee a stable, reliable release process with a suite of hundreds of continuously-running integration and quality tests Note: Select features are in production with customers as early-release features. Armory Inc. 100 S. Ellsworth Ave., 9th floor, San Mateo, CA 94401 1-888-222-3370 | |

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