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Exclusive Features: Armory Terraform Integration Terraform Integration: Consistent, Repeatable Infrastructure The Problem The Solution Less time gathering building blocks. More time building. Infrastructure sprawl is unavoidable. As your organization expands, the scope of your infrastructure grows and becomes unwieldy, especially if you want to maintain context for each piece. Terraform is a powerful, open source tool for managing infrastructure. However, Terraform configurations are typically created and executed by an ops team outside of Spinnaker. This requires manual handoffs, creates inconsistencies, and causes long lead times to release features to customers. Armory's native integration combines Terraform's infrastructure-as-code approach with Spinnaker's application pipelines to create a central place for you to manage your growing infrastructure and incorporate it into your software development lifecycle (SDLC). Maintain context and relevance for each piece of infrastructure by deploying it alongside the corresponding application through a single pane of glass. Armory Terraform Integration • Seamlessly integrate Spinnaker with Hashicorp terraform. • Run Terraform plan / apply / destroy / output stages as part of your spinnaker pipeline to fully align your infrastructure with your deployments.

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