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Software Delivery Acceleration with Armory Spinnaker

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Solution: Software Delivery Acceleration Deliver with Increased Velocity and Safety Increase the pace of innovation while decreasing risk. Key Armory Spinnaker Features Get software out into production, where it was made to be. Every minute that software is stuck in your pipeline is another minute that it is not creating value for your business, and another minute of frustration for the developer who wrote the code. To compete effectively, companies need to keep up with the ever-increasing pace of innovation without sacrificing quality and impacting customer trust. Enter Armory and the Spinnaker continuous delivery platform. Spinnaker was created by Netflix to help them release code thousands of times a day, and has the tools and built-in best practices to help companies anywhere along the continuous delivery journey. With Armory, you get accelerated innovation, increased reliability, and improved developer productivity and satisfaction. Standardized Deployment Pipelines Templated pipelines (including pipelines- as-code stored in your git repository) to increase automation, QA, and consistency in software delivery, agnostic to the target environment. 1-Click Rollbacks Simple, 1-click rollbacks in the event that new deployments are causing errors (assisted by monitoring and alerting through integrations with Datadog and others).

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