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Multicloud & Hybrid Deployments with Armory Spinnaker

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Streamline Business Processes Eliminate complex process rebuilds when transitioning to diverse cloud deployment targets — freeing massive DevOps resources and accelerating time to market. Reliable Deployment Pipelines at Scale Replace brittle, error-prone, scripted paths to production with a cloud-native platform battle-tested by Netflix & Google. Standardized Cloud Workflows Standardize deployment workflows across application teams, via a golden path to production with flexible guardrails. Holistic View of Your Deployments View and manage your cloud and on- prem infrastructure across multiple targets and clouds, with a single pane of glass. Broad and Growing List of Supported Cloud and On-Prem Targets Developer-Driven Deployments Deploy your workloads to multiple cloud targets across all of the major cloud providers, as well as on-prem data centers running Kubernetes or other platforms. The clouddrivers that connect Spinnaker to each cloud target are maintained by the cloud vendors themselves as well as the rest of the open source community, ensuring tightly coupled and up-to-date integrations. Armory provides an enterprise distribution of Spinnaker, the cloud native, open source, continuous delivery platform that creates a paved road for your developers to deploy with speed and resilience. Armory was founded in 2016 to help power the Third Industrial Revolution by enabling businesses to innovate faster. Software is changing the world, and developers are taking ownership of the software they build. Forward-thinking enterprises know that developers need to own their services, from code to the cloud. Netflix built Spinnaker – the world's most powerful continuous software delivery platform – because existing tools made it challenging for developers to own delivery. With Spinnaker, teams can instantly deploy their code at scale to any and all clouds using a single, golden path to production. CONTACT US TO LEARN MORE Website: | Slack: | Blog:

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