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Being the largest payment processor in France, it was essential for Transactis to adapt its services to include Instant Payments, the technology revolutionizing money transfers. Already the result of a collaboration between French banks Société Générale and La Banque Postale, Transactis was a good fit to the kind of mutualization that Instant Payments necessitates. Nevertheless, the firm needed to turn to a trusted partner to help build the ecosystem and technology required for an effective Instant Payment service. And Sopra Banking Software, who has been handling Transactis's software solutions since the company's establishment in 2008, was the obvious fit. Over the years, our dedication to Transactis and our proven ability to negotiate the complexities of its multibank dimension have engendered faith from the payment hub that we would be up to the unique challenges of delivering on IP, as well. Still, challenges were rife. The most obvious of these lay in the creation of a technology that could carry out transfers in less than ten seconds. This meant balancing back- and-forth communication between multiple players, from Transactis's clients, through national exchange systems, then ultimately to other banks, not necessarily partnered with Transactis. And as though finding a technological solution for this alone was not hard enough, one was also needed that continued to guard against fraud and retained anti- terrorism precautions. ABOUT TRANSACTIS KEY WINS THE PROJECT IN A NUTSHELL • Accounts for an estimated 35% of Instant Payments in France • 15 clients overall, including four clients for IPs • Manages over 60,000 IPs every day • Has helped complete over 8 million IPs since January 2019 • Founded: 2008 • Activity: Processes 9 billion transactions every year • Headquarters: Paris, France • Number of Employees: 280 • Customers: Large and small banks, from Société Générale to My French Bank "Building a software solution and an Instant Payment platform for four different banks – Société Générale, La Banque Postale, Boursorama and Crédit du Nord – in 18 months was an incredible challenge we were able to take up thanks to our strong and reliable partnership with Sopra Banking Software" Patrice Galy, CEO of Transactis PROBLEM: To provide Instant Payment services for Transactis clients SOLUTION: Sopra Banking Software's Instant Payments: Instant Payment Engine (IPE) and Instant Payment Clearing Exchange (IPCE)

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