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AT-A-GLANCE • Modern organizations depend on data centers and connectivity • Navisite colocation provides data centers with enterprise-class security, power and connectivity • Add on our SmartHands services to enable our technicians to complete select tasks on your behalf • Combine colocation with our robust cloud and managed services portfolio to better meet complex needs DATA SHEET Colocation Services Data centers are often critical to day-to-day operations, not to mention long-term success. In an always-on world, you cannot afford to be without power, connectivity or security. However, when faced with shrinking IT budgets and evolving technologies, maintaining onsite data centers can be challenging. Navisite data centers are designed to provide a high-performance inf rastructure, and our enterprise- class colocation facilities are just the beginning. We enable customers to leverage a hybrid approach to IT by facilitating a transition to the cloud. Combining Navisite inf rastructure-as- a-service (IaaS), application services or cloud desktop services with colocation can enable a single- provider solution to multifaceted IT demands. INSIDE NAVISITE DATA CENTERS Choose 19" or 23" locking cabinets, or private suites in select facilities. All power is provided via uninterrupted power supply (UPS) systems. In the rare event of a utility grid power outage, each UPS is backed up by battery and diesel generators. Additionally, data-grade HVAC systems help to hold all Navisite data centers at a consistent ambient air temperature of 72 degrees Fahrenheit (+/- 2 degrees) and a relative humidity of 45% (+/- 5%). DEPENDABLE NETWORK CONNECTIVITY Navisite colocation customers benefit f rom guaranteed uptime and high- performance standards for both local and international traffic. Our data centers offer access to a variety of connectivity providers and also support inter-data center connectivity and high-speed routing to domestic and global locations. For customers seeking an added layer of protection, Navisite data centers and networks are optimized to support simple data replication as part of a customer's overarching disaster recovery (DR) strategy. ROUND-THE-CLOCK EXPERT MONITORING AND TRANSPARENCY With Navisite colocation, your IT inf rastructure is monitored 24x7x365 by a globally distributed, redundant Navisite Support Center (NSC). We make extensive use of leading commercial tools and services, alongside proprietary solutions, to strengthen reliability. At any time, you can use Navisite's online management portal to view event and performance data for your specific installations. Navisite data centers operate under a rigorous physical security f ramework. Automatic smoke and temperature detectors, as well as fire suppression systems, help protect against 1-855-739-3227 |

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