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Data Sheet 1 Data Sheet MasterControl Integration Services Streamlining your MasterControl solutions with reliable integrations that interconnect your business systems to ensure data accuracy and reduce operating costs. Compliant, maintainable systems. Reliable, accurate data. As your business grows, you may encounter the need to integrate your MasterControl system with other third-party business systems in order to move or synchronize data among different applications. In other cases, you may need to make changes to data you're storing in one system based on certain conditions that exist in another system. When moving data or transacting among systems, you need assurance that the integration meets operational requirements for reliability, scalability and maintainability; supports regulatory compliance requirements; and is affordable both to design and develop as well as to host, maintain and support. Simply put, once you build an integration, you want it to "just work" so you don't need to continually think about data consistency among systems. Our Services Technology Solutions (STS) team's primary goals are to quickly and cost effectively integrate third-party systems with each customer's MasterControl system in order to automate business processes across business systems and the data they store, and to host, maintain and support integrations in a manner that gives you affordable peace of mind. We want to help you save valuable time and resources that might otherwise be wasted duplicating data, processes, or efforts so you can reduce operating costs. It's our mission to give you the assurance that your data is reliably up-to-date and can scale across systems, which ensures that the business processes that rely on those systems can operate accurately and efficiently. By combining the use of leading-edge technologies with expertise refined over decades of experience, we're able to provide cost-effective integrations that ensure the consistency of your data across systems. MasterControl Integrations Ensure Your Data Will Have: • Consistency across systems. • Greater value. • Continual availability. • Sustained integrity. • Increased capacity to support and drive decision-making.

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