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CASE STUDY Aerial Applications Ascends to Greater Success with Navisite's Azure Migration and Management Services Aerial Applications is a startup technology firm that offers a powerful package of GIS mapping software and photogrammetry modeling, coupled with drone and aircraft surveying, to support the needs of disaster-related service entities and telecommunication companies. Their solution provides a means for organizations to survey and process large tracts of land GIS data as part of disaster scenarios, more quickly, safely and easily than manual visual surveys can. Telecommunications companies and governmental bodies use it as a means to identify and prioritize damages, so they can conduct repairs faster, getting customers back on their feet sooner. The Aerial package also helps telecommunications and utility companies more easily assess their inf rastructure assets, so they can cost effectively determine needed repairs, replacements and address outages, or plan for expansions, without having to send manned crews out as f requently to perform such work, particularly for routine inspections. CLOUDY DAYS AHEAD As Aerial Applications began to grow and have more demand for their services, they knew that utilizing the cloud was the most optimal way to expand beyond their existing data center environment in Jacksonville, Florida, and supporting colocation facilities. Additionally, the company wanted to limit or eliminate the use of mobile data centers that they had to deploy in support of disasters they responded to – without expending precious CapEx budget on more physical installations. Their current data center provides in excess of 50 processor nodes (or GPUs), with their existing mobile data centers adding an additional 20+ for deployment to disaster recovery zones, like the numerous successive hurricanes that hit the southeastern US in 2018. Nathan Sullivan, CTO for Aerial, was not keen to deploy more physical inf rastructure for the company's growth. "I was already spending 20 hours a week many weeks having to configure and manage our hardware for our data needs," he said. "Some weeks it was upwards of 35 hours a week. Ideally, I'd like to spend zero hours on these kinds of tasks." All of this was inhibitive to Nathan spending time on more valuable aspects of helping Aerial Applications evolve their service offerings, INDUSTRY • GIS Mapping & Modeling ABOUT • Aerial Applications is an award- winning, drone-based GIS mapping and modeling software company that provides industry leading ability to survey large tracts of land and inf rastructure, and photogrammetrically model acquired data down to mere inches of detail. ABOUT NAVISITE Navisite is a modern managed cloud service provider that accelerates digital transformation for thousands of growing and established global brands. Through our comprehensive portfolio of enterprise application and cloud services, proven delivery methodologies and global team of highly specialized experts across technologies, platforms and industries, we provide the capabilities and practical guidance customers need to move their businesses forward. Let us partner with you to navigate the now of IT change, lower costs and meet new demands at any point in your journey. To learn more, visit—modern IT services for modern IT needs. 1-855-739-3227 |

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