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©2020 All rights reserved. Not all products, pricing and services are available in all areas. Pricing and actual speeds may vary. Restrictions may apply. Subject to change without notice. SPACE • Approximately 496m² of raised floor. • Slab-on-grade (concrete) floor with remote water detection monitoring. • Cages available. POWER • 1000kW. • N+N configuration. ENVIRONMENT • Cooling provided by f ree cooling, low noise Chillers N+1 • Direct steam injection f rom AHU's. • Temperature range control - 26 +/- 1.5 oC measured at CRAH return air. • Humidity control via AHU. Relative humidity will be within ASHRAE guidelines 20 to 80%. • On-site, 24x7 security staff. PREVENTION / RECOVERY • Generator sized to run entire site at full load for 24 hours minimum. • Systems monitored on-site and by the Navisite Service Center (NSC). TELCO • Diverse routes to site. Two 'Point of Presence' rooms located on opposite sides of the building. • Navisite has its own IP address space and autonomous system number, and is running Border Gateway Protocol with full Internet table routes to ensure dynamic re-routing of data if any links are interrupted. ON-NETWORK CARRIERS • BT • Colt • Level 3 MONITORING • IT inf rastructure monitored by two redundant NOCs (NSC and IT SOC) staffed 7x24x365. • Extensive array of monitoring tools, including leading commercially-available tools and Navisite proprietary tools. • Technology agnostic (can receive events f rom a variety of sources, including agent- based and agent-less, SNMP, MIB, MIB2, OpenView, etc.). • Customer has the ability to use the NaviView management portal to view both event and performance data. • Facilities monitoring on all critical electrical components and HVAC. • Monitoring and logging on card access system, logs reviewed monthly (per audit). FIRE SYSTEMS • High pressure water mist system to the Data hall and UPS rooms. The system is a double knock dry pipe system. Dry-pipe, pre-action, double interlock fire suppression system. • Virgin • Vtesse • Zayo • Vodafone • Verizon ABOUT NAVISITE Navisite is a modern managed cloud service provider that accelerates IT transformation for thousands of growing and established global brands. Through our deep technical knowledge and strategic relationships with the world's leading cloud providers, proven delivery methodologies, platform-agnostic approach and worldwide network of highly specialized experts, we provide the capabilities and practical guidance customers need to successfully embrace IT change and move their businesses forward. Let us partner with you to navigate the now—learn more at DATA CENTER Redhill, UK 1-855-739-3227 | |

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