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SERVICES • Architecture Design • Document Design • Installation/Configuration • MongoDB Conversions • Agile Development • Indexing Strategies • Performance and Tuning • Capacity Planning • CRUD Operations • Security Administration • Sharding • Replica Sets SUPPORT PACKAGES Full support Navisite provides all administrative activities for the supported MongoDB database environments. Supplemental support Navisite experts share support responsibilities with your development teams on MongoDB agile development projects. DATA SHEET MongoDB Services Navisite's MongoDB Solutions are designed to provide the highest quality MongoDB database support possible. Navisite administrators equip customers with the experience and skill-sets required to ensure they fully leverage all of MongoDB's agile development, performance and availability features. Navisite offers a robust set of support services for customers that are new to MongoDB's NoSQL architecture. Our experts will guide you through each step of the application design and implementation process. From MongoDB's schemaless data architecture to Sharding and Replica Sets, Navisite will act as your trusted mentor and advisor. Customers leveraging MongoDB's rapid application development features will benefit f rom Navisite's flexible service offering. Navisite customers are able to custom tailor a set of monitoring and administrative services that meet each of their MongoDB application's unique support requirements. Navisite can provide all administrative services for the supported system or share those responsibilities with your development teams on agile development projects. Navisite is able to convert data f rom existing data stores to MongoDB or help your team design and deploy entirely new applications. After implementation, a robust, secure monitoring and support architecture guarantees that our experts are there when you need them, your systems are secure, and your databases are benefitting f rom elite support technologies. MONGODB PERFORMANCE AND AVAILABILITY Our experts work with you to fully utilize MongoDB's horizontal scalability and replication features. MONGODB LIFESCYCLE SUPPORT From initial system design and implementation to 24x7 support, Navisite offers a full suite of MongoDB support services. ROBUST MONGODB MONITORING ARCHITECTURE Navisite's support engine has been purposely designed to ensure your environments are secure, highly available and high performance. FULLY LEVERAGE AGILE DEVELOPMENT FEATURES Navisite leverages MongoDB's schemaless design and ability to store unstructured data to speed application time-to-market. 1-855-739-3227 |

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