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©2020 All rights reserved. Not all products, pricing and services are available in all areas. Pricing and actual speeds may vary. Restrictions may apply. Subject to change without notice. AT-A-GLANCE • Self-funding, quick project service that finds cost-saving opportunities for your Azure deployment • Enhance your Azure cloud governance, deployment and orchestration using native tools • Understand your security posture better • Ensure improved performance and availability of your Azure deployment through architecture reviews • Actionable results that can be leveraged right away SOLUTION BRIEF Azure Optimization Assessment Azure is an excellent cloud to migrate your organization's inf rastructure and applications to, but getting there is only part of the way to achieving greater IT agility and reducing IT spend. Making sure that you're using your Azure cloud optimally is just as critical, so you don't overspend on resources you don't need. If you have migrated a part or all of your IT estate to Azure but don't believe you are receiving the full value of the cloud, an Azure Optimization Assessment can identify those areas that could be improved. Whether it's governance and management, security, architecture, or cost reduction, Navisite can assist with actionable recommendations. SERVICE The Azure Optimization Assessment is a quick project service designed to find areas of efficiency and improvement for your Azure deployment. As an Azure Expert MSP, Navisite's 120+ Azure engineers assess and optimize your Azure deployment to make sure your Azure cloud is properly designed and configured in four key areas: Governance and Management Gain insights into ways to improve cloud governance and management, so your inf rastructure runs efficiently and is automated for accelerated service delivery. Azure Cloud Architecture Ensure your cloud deployment is designed using industry best practices and built to scale, to make sure you meet your performance and uptime commitments to the business, and afford future opportunities as needed. Security Understand your security posture fully, ensuring you can run any app with confidence, reduce incidents and achieve compliance. Cost Optimization Identify real cost savings opportunities that will help you avoid runaway costs for better ROI on your cloud investment, while optimizing resources for most effective usage. The service is tailored to your needs; you choose what areas are most important to you and your cloud inf rastructure. The service can cover one or more of the specific domains for review, so you get the results you are interested in efficiently and quickly. Often optimization assessments are completed in only a few weeks. DELIVERABLES Navisite provides comprehensive deliverables that include a report illustrating specific current state findings, and recommendations for each area you elect to focus on. 1-855-739-3227 | |

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