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RELIABLE IAAS FOR THE HEALTHCARE INDUSTRY NAVICLOUD ® Cloud Services, the Navisite ® Inf rastructure- as-a-Service (IaaS) solution, can help enable healthcare organizations to increase agility, expedite the development and delivery of new services and mitigate total cost of ownership (TCO). The solution's resource-based billing model works to ensure organizations pay only for the resources they use, such as virtualized servers, storage, memory and bandwidth. DATA SHEET NAVICLOUD ® CLOUD SERVICES FOR HEALTHCARE PROVIDERS Rising healthcare costs, increasing patient expectations and evolving regulations, such as HIPAA, are all driving healthcare organizations to improve quality of care and patient privacy, while keeping spending in check. Legacy IT inf rastructures, in particular, can prevent organizations f rom adapting to these pressures quickly and efficiently—especially in the face of shrinking IT budgets. Industry consolidation has left many healthcare organizations struggling to use a patchwork of isolated data centers and redundant vendor solutions. Managing geographically and technologically disjointed systems can be challenging even for veteran IT employees. On top of this concern, increasing data storage demands are straining many healthcare organizations' in-house storage capacities. ADDRESSING VULNERABILITIES IN LEGACY INFRASTRUCTURE Healthcare organizations commonly rely on outdated inf rastructure to secure electronic personal health information (ePHI) and to support HIPAA compliance. Security breaches have revealed that, in many cases, these systems cannot protect against modern attacks.* While introducing new employee training programs can help, these efforts may inadvertently hide the root of the problem. Maintaining and securing in-house data centers is a full-time responsibility, which can easily be neglected in the face of conflicting business priorities. A FLEXIBLE, PAY-AS-YOU-GO APPROACH TO IT INFRASTRUCTURE NAVICLOUD Cloud Services, Navisite's Inf rastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) solution, enables healthcare organizations to provision scalable, usage-billed virtualized servers, storage, memory and bandwidth. The solution is available through a self- service portal, or administered by Navisite's experts. With this solution, individual departments have the f reedom to leverage virtual resources as needed, while IT maintains high- level oversight and control. This functionality can make implementing new software simpler and more orderly. A department can rapidly provision a copy of a production environment to allow a vendor to test and deploy new software without the risk of impacting production, for example. Key service benefits: • Mitigated up-f ront capital expenditure • Enhanced operational efficiency and agility • Robust physical and virtual security • Guaranteed service levels 1-855-739-3227 |

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