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THE BENEFITS OF DRaaS: • Focus on your business, not your backups • Faster data recovery • Simplify backup and recovery • Optimize backup performance • Lower operational costs • Guarantee recovery times with SLAs • Public, private and hybrid deployment models • Easily adhere to regulatory requirements • Backup data at scale DATA SHEET Data Protection Services Meet critical Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO) targets with a best-in-class, managed backup solution that ensures easy, fast and reliable data recovery. FOCUS ON YOUR BUSINESS, NOT YOUR BACKUPS Protecting your critical business application data stores against data loss is no easy task. Hardware and software failures, ransomware, malware, user errors and disasters all combine to make you lie awake at night wondering if your teams can successfully restore their systems. When a mission-critical application becomes unavailable or experiences catastrophic data loss, it can threaten the survivability of the organization. The financial impact is not the only issue for companies that have critical applications offline or lose data. Loss of customer goodwill, bad press, idle employees and legal penalties (lawsuits, fines, etc.) must also be considered. A COMPLETE SET OF DATA PROTECTION SOLUTIONS Navisite's Cloud Data Protection Service is more than just cloud storage. Navisite handles everything. Our dedicated data protection team works with you to create a custom hybrid cloud solution that meets 100% of your offsite backup needs. From helping you protect a single server to your entire enterprise, Navisite provides a comprehensive set of backup solutions. Our data protection experts work with you to identify your recoverability goals for each server, install the components to transfer data to Navisite's cloud storage platforms and test their initial executions. Navisite's 24/7 operations center monitors all ongoing backup executions and ensures the data has been successfully transferred to Navisite's cloud platform. Customers are able to define customized backup re-execution procedures. Our operations center personnel also assist customers to restore backups to their designated storage platform targets. ROBUST AND SECURE CLOUD BACKUP STORAGE PLATFORMS Navisite partners with industry- leading cloud vendors to provide fast, flexible, scalable and secure backup storage solutions. Navisite closely reviews the vendor's control objectives for physical security, data security, perimeter protections, data duplication, change management, server monitoring and environmental devices designed to protect our customers' data. Navisite leverages both vendor and internally created data transfer mechanisms to transmit data f rom our customers' environments to the cloud storage systems. 1-855-739-3227 |

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