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Event Size (approx. value) Loading a simple standard web page ( Approx. 35 Kb Discovery scan, no IP address Approx. 1 Kb Full scan - 8 devices Approx. 4 Kb Meter scan - 8 devices Approx. 3 Kb Scan of consumables – 8 devices Approx. 1 Kb Scan of maintenance parts – 8 devices Between 2 Kb and 4 Kb Alert scan - 8 devices Approx. 2 Kb Optional remote updates (KPAX Agent only): KPAX Agent has an optional remote update feature activated by the enabling automatic update option. The automatic update will periodically check that the KPAX Agent service is up to date, and if required update the agent. The KPAX Liberty's firmware will update automatically and securely using 256bit AES. Network traffic: The network traffic generated by the collection agent is minimal, it varies according to the number of devices that are being analyzed. The table below shows the network load associated with the collector compared to the network load associated with a simple standard web page. 800.990.2234 | KPAX security note – ACDI Document & Print Services

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