Go-Human Challenge by Ed Breault, CMO, Aprimo

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Go-Human Challenge for all GTM teams By Ed Breault, CMO, Aprimo Description: This is a competition (of course) and scoring will be based on 1) Participation; 2) How well you followed instructions; 3) Impact/Quality; 4) Timeliness. Clock is ticking. Challenge #1 Welcome to the game! Watch this and respond then complete the assignment below to unlock Challenge #2. #1 goal = walk in to Summit with video demystified, well-practiced and feeling confident. Challenge #1: ( 1hr 10 minutes to complete). Watch and respond via email to me through video w/ crisp answers to all 15 questions. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YWqrI1aQBmE&feature=youtu.be Questions to complete: 1. What are some of the key problems video can improve in communication? 2. How can video be empowering for you? 3. What is the formula for becoming memorable? 4. Why is emotion important in business and why is video perfect for that? 5. How would you describe the anatomy of a good video email? 6. Explain the curiosity gap? 7. Why is it important to future-orient your video before you record it? 8. What does T.U.N.E.D. means? 9. Why is it important to be brief?

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