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BDR Appreciation Week is the Week of 2/24 - 3/1! How do we promote it? ● Ernie Owusu announcing BDR appreciation week via video on social on 2/18 (will be reposted periodically throughout the next two weeks) ○ Please like, comment and share! ● BDR Next Best Action Press Release on 2/21 (will mentioned in the appreciation week) ○ Please like, comment and share this as well! ● B2BMX Event ○ Event is during BDR Appreciation Week ○ Booth is focused around I ♥ BDRs ○ We will be giving out BDR-themed, 6sense-branded shirts and buttons at event ○ Recording and live-posting 30-60 second videos from other companies attending about why they love BDRs with #BDRLove ● Supporting BDR/Sales-related content on social (e-book, infographic, talkingsense, etc.) ○ Please like, comment and share! To get the excitement brewing about BDR appreciation week, we're asking 6sensers to post a video on their linkedin! What Should I Do? ● Please answer the question "Why do you love BDRs?" in 30 seconds or so ● Be specific! Talk about an experience with a BDR that you have worked with or are working with currently! ● CS team - please think about BDRs at our accounts and who you could give a shout out to. We want to spread the love! ● Post your video on Linkedin between 2/19 to 2/23 ○ You can post your video during BDR appreciation week but our hope is to inspire others outside of 6sense to post why they love BDRs and increase awareness about appreciation week after seeing our videos trending the week prior! ● Tag BDRs that you think deserve to be celebrated! ● All traffic from your posts should be driven to our BDR appreciation week stream

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