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Summary of The Snapshot Research and Findings

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2 G32+ Summits The Enrollment Management Association established a character assessment working group called the "G32" that was comprised of 46 member schools. A summit with the G32 has been hosted annually by The Enrollment Management Association to guide the development of The Snapshot. The name gained the "+" after an additional set of schools joined the group. 1. Fall 2014 summit to introduce the idea and identify constructs 2. Summer 2015 summit to discuss Pilot Test I results 3. Summer 2016 summit to discuss Pilot Test II results, score reports, and The Snapshot use cases 4. Spring 2017 summit to discuss Pilot Test III results, updated score report information, assessment platform appearance, and predictive validity study Cognitive Labs We conducted several cognitive labs in the early stages of The Snapshot development to explore student thought processes as they completed assessment items. For researchers, this exploration typically provides information about student understanding of the item content, why a student responds to an item in a particular way, the threat of student fatigue, and areas of distress that students might experience (e.g., when making a difficult choice in a forced-choice item). 1. Spring 2015 cognitive lab at Riverdale Country School (NY) to determine forced-choice item format (N ≈ 15) 2. Fall 2015 cognitive labs at Kamehameha Schools (HI), Mid-Pacific Institute (HI), and The Lawrenceville School (NJ) (N ≈ 35) 3. Summer 2017 Focus Groups at Phillips Academy (MA) (N ≈ 15) Pilot Tests Pilot tests are a critical step in the assessment development process because they provide opportunities to examine the psychometric properties of an assessment and tweak the assessment as needed to make it more reliable and valid. Pilot tests are also useful because they help researchers gauge seat time. 1. Spring 2015 Pilot Test I: Pre-test of Likert statements (N ≈ 1,400) 2. Fall 2015 Pilot Test II: Pretesting of forced-choice and situational judgment items (N ≈ 5,400) 3. Fall 2016 Pilot Test III: Field test of a The Snapshot form that contained forced-choice and situational judgment items (N ≈ 4,500) N indicates the number of participants in a given sample.

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