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Summary of The Snapshot Research and Findings

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3 Summary of Snapshot Research and Findings Research Activities Surveys 1. Fall 2014 survey conducted with G32 admissions professionals to determine constructs 2. Spring 2016 survey conducted with G32 to answer five questions: + What are the qualities of a successful student? + What type of information is most helpful in a score report? + What labels best fit the proposed constructs measured by The Snapshot? + How do you intend to use scores provided by The Snapshot? + What information is used to make admissions decisions in your school? User Experience Testing 1. Spring 2017: Individual sessions with families, schools and/or students to determine how to present The Snapshot results (N ≈ 50) Future Research Studies While The Snapshot, bolstered by significant research efforts already, launched on September 25, 2017, it is still important to conduct research to monitor and improve The Snapshot reliability and validity. This is a list of ongoing or planned future studies. 1. Cut score study to determine best procedure for specifying The Snapshot score ranges 2. Predictive validity study to explore relationships between The Snapshot and student outcomes 3. Convergent validity study to examine agreement between self- and other-evaluations of The Snapshot skills 4. Additional pilot testing for subgroup populations, e.g. international students, students with disabilities, etc. 5. Implementation studies to determine how The Snapshot will be used in admissions office 6. Focus groups with families

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