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IdentiD Reader Fingerprint Protection 800.990.2234 ©2019 ACDI - All Rights Reserved The IdentiD is a biometric reader that is used to make authentication on the MFP. The reader has the ability to allow the user to auto-register himself into the reader. During the auto registration process, the reader will collect some information about the fi ngerprint of the user. After collecting this information, the reader will store it in the reader's memory. The IdentiD reader doesn't store the fi ngerprint images. The biometric reader read the fi ngerprint, and from it, select several points. A proprietary algorithm is applied over the points to create a template. Each template information is then stored with an ID, that we call BioCode. BioCode is a unique ID that is linked to the template within the reader. The information sent into the MFP is this BioCode, not the template. However, the template is not stored directly into the memory of the reader. Over the template information, we used a propriety encryption algorithm to protect this information. So the information that is stored into the reader is the result of the encryption over the fi ngerprint template. With this process, the user information is protected, and it's not possible to reverse and build the fi ngerprint from a user.

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