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Siemens Shifts 40 Teams to Kanban and Increases Productivity

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CASE STUDY SIEMENS SHIFTS 40 TEAMS TO KANBAN AND INCREASES PRODUCTIVITY CHALLENGES BUSINESS DECISION TO SHIFT TO KANBAN Siemens Health Services decided to comprehensively redesign their Agile methodology, shifting from a time-boxed Agile approach to a continuous flow approach. The company faced the challenge of fully deploying Kanban across 40-50 teams around the world and through all management practices without interrupting workflow and productivity. Bennet Vallet, Siemens Health Services' Agile strategist who helped lead Siemens Health Services adoption of Agile, also led the shift to enterprise Agile. The company adopted Agile development with Scrum/XP to address their key business challenge: provide new capabilities superior to existing products on the market. Scrum/XP brought benefits, but Siemens needed greater improvement on overall predictability and process performance. Estimating and delivering on committed release dates continued to challenge individual teams. After studying the company's process, results, and needs, an internal flow team determined that using a continuous flow approach at the enterprise level would help the company achieve these business goals. The initial Kanban implementation across 15 teams with VersionOne showed excellent results, leading the flow team to implement a big-bang rollout one year later. This approach gave them a consistent process to which all teams adhered and which provided a high degree of work unit, workflow, doneness and metric consistency for compliance. INCREASED THROUGHPUT BY 33% 40+ TEAMS ON 3 CONTINENTS SWITCHED TO KANBAN REDUCED ADMINISTRATIVE MAINTENANCE TIME BY 70% FIRST RELEASE AFTER MOVE: ON TIME $ 10% UNDER BUDGET HIGHLIGHTS

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