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Implementing SAFe with VersionOne and Jira Software

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1 PRODUCT DATASHEET Implementing the Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®) with VersionOne and Jira®Software The Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®) is a scalable and configurable framework, designed to meet an organization's unique agile scaling needs. Each of SAFe's four configurations is a function of the complexity of an organization and the products and solutions it delivers. HIGHLIGHTS • Gain the ability to implement the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe), beyond the team-level capabilities of what Jira Software can provide, by integrating Jira Software with VersionOne • Enable teams to be more productive—while working in Jira Software or VersionOne—and role work up to the portfolio level • Capture and communicate portfolio vision in a single platform • Create multiple Agile Release Trains (ARTs) aligned to programs, solutions, and portfolios • Use WSJF to rank portfolio items, and manage lean workflow in Kanban boards at each level • Identify and resolve dependencies with the Program Board and Solution Planning Board • Align Team- and Program-level PI Objectives • Track business value delivery and program predictability • Track progress and adjust plans with dedicated SAFe Rooms • Build dynamic program roadmaps that establish alignment to the business • Use SAFe-aligned business intelligence to help make the right decisions • Orchestrate DevOps automation for your continuous delivery pipeline and for continuous visibility into business value PORTFOLIO JIRA® IS A POWERFUL TEAM-LEVEL TOOL Software tools that enable agile teams are important to enabling SAFe. But team-level tools, such as Jira, help with only a fraction of the Scaled Agile Framework. To implement SAFe in the enterprise, you need a scalable Value Stream Management solution that ensures alignment and visibility while helping accelerate delivery. VersionOne does just that, providing a centralized environment that supports the constructs, practices, and metrics defined by SAFe, while simplifying the implementation of any SAFe configuration. USE VERSIONONE FOR PROVEN PORTFOLIO & PROGRAM SUPPORT VersionOne seamlessly integrates with Jira Software and provides proven support for enterprises by enabling the implementation of SAFe beyond the team-level capabilities that Jira provides. With VersionOne, teams can continue to use Jira Software just as they do now, either as the sole team tool or alongside teams using other team-level tools. With Jira Software and VersionOne, you can obtain the visibility you need for planning, tracking, and reporting at all levels while providing an easy-to-use, lightweight experience for your teams. MANAGE DEVOPS VALUE STREAMS WITH CONTINUUM The Continuous Delivery Pipeline is a core component of SAFe. VersionOne's native connectivity with Continuum, a release management platform from (formerly CollabNet VersionOne), enables you to accelerate software delivery by orchestrating your DevOps pipeline while measuring and optimizing DevOps performance.

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