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How VersionOne Supports the Seven Core Competencies of SAFe 5.0

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How VersionOne Supports the Seven Core Competencies of SAFe® 5.0 The Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe ® 5.0) enables business agility by integrating principles and practices of Lean, Agile, and DevOps across the organization for continuous and responsive delivery of high-value solutions. VersionOne helps organizations achieve and sustain business agility with capabilities that support the seven core competencies of the SAFe 5.0 framework. Results from the annual State of Agile report cite executive sponsorship as one of the most critical aspects of successfully scaling agile across organizations. Leaders play a key role in driving organizational change by promoting a culture of continuous improvement and empowering teams to align around value delivery. With VersionOne's Topics, leaders can continuously communicate shared values necessary for success at scale. PlanningRooms provide visibility into progress and performance at all levels of the organization, from strategy to development work, allowing leaders to be continually involved and collaborate with teams on longer-range planning. Lean-Agile Leadership VersionOne enables people across SAFe roles to continuously collaborate to deliver business value, regardless of SAFe configuration. TeamRooms are a dedicated space for teams to plan, track, and manage work using Lean-Agile principles and practices. Scrum XP and Kanban teams can work side side-by-side within the same release train, while self-directing and staying focused on getting to Done. Product owners can rank backlog items according to WSJF, plan and execute program increments, share PI roadmaps, resolve cross-team dependencies, and continuously integrate and deliver solutions. Team and Technical Agility With VersionOne+Continuum, teams can develop on cadence, release on demand, and measure value delivered. Automatically extract the intrinsic value of code, commits, and builds to inform teams of release contents, delivery progress, and production risk. It provides real-time visibility into Features, Stories, and Defects as they move through each delivery stage allowing teams to resolve bottlenecks, improve delivery velocity, ensure software quality, and lower deployment costs. Agile Product Delivery With VersionOne, organizations are equipped to plan, build, and deliver large, complex systems that involve the efforts hundreds or thousands of people. Flexible planning nodes facilitate the implementation of any SAFe 5.0 configuration. Scorecards, reports, and visualizations show the real-time state of solution delivery, and allow both summary and detailed views of plans, priorities, and performance. Interconnected Kanbans, roadmaps, dependency boards, solution planning boards, and program boards make it easy to align multiple teams and focus on capabilities that deliver the most value to customers. Enterprise Solution Delivery Leaders can communicate the overall enterprise strategy and define measurable business goals in VersionOne Strategic Themes. By providing clear strategic guidance, teams can prioritize, coordinate, and focus on work that is tied to the strategic vision of the organization. Budgets provide the means to fund value streams and to track spend over time. The portfolio Kanban helps visualize and manage the flow of Epics via WIP limits, filtering, grouping and other configuration options. Lean Portfolio Management With VersionOne's continuous planning capabilities, organizations can quickly adapt plans to reflect changing business priorities. Work items can easily be re-prioritized, teams re-allocated, and backlogs adjusted. VersionOne ensures your teams at all levels are pivot-ready and equipped to seamlessly adapt their development plans when needed. Organizational Agility Continuous Learning VersionOne enables a learning organization through a clear thread of purpose from strategic vision to user Stories, and continuous visibility of value from strategic vision through customer delivery. Self- organizing teams and collaboration channels facilitate personal mastery, team learning, and a culture of innovation. Relentless improvement across the organization is enabled by using insights gained through value stream transparency and performance metrics. And as your organization learns and evolves, VersionOne configurations can be easily adapted. 2020, Scaled Agile Framework and SAFe are trademarks of Scaled Agile, Inc. VersionOne

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