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Navigate the New Normal of Fully Remote Agile Teams

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1 PRODUCT DATASHEET ACHIEVE REMOTE WORK SUCCESS WITH VERSIONONE Key tools, practices, and training to ensure safe, productive, and engaged distributed teams The Agile manifesto has taught us that the most efficient and effective way to convey information is through face to face interactions, but what do you do when that is not possible? With the spread of COVID-19, many organizations suddenly have to support an entirely remote workforce. Even when distributed Agile teams are already in place, few organizations feel prepared for large-scale remote work and are slow to adapt their ways of working due to cultural challenges, new processes, limited tooling, and lack of training. Now more than ever, there is a strong need to define and strengthen remote work practices to prevent delays in software delivery, missed business opportunities, and disengaged teams. VersionOne is a unified, scalable Agile management solution that allows organizations to conduct remote Agile ceremonies, digitize and optimize team collaboration, provide deep visibility to leadership, sustain Agile transformation efforts, and respond faster to changing market needs. TEAM COLLABORATION AND COMMUNICATION TeamRooms™ provide a dedicated working environment for distributed teams to collaborate, plan, and track work cross-functionally. Create, prioritize and assign user Stories using VersionOne's intuitive storyboard, instead of relying on sticky notes around a whiteboard. Estimably™, available in VersionOne TeamRooms™, allows remote workers to run an estimation game and collaboratively evaluate their backlog. It supports independent voting, and as the team reaches decisions, it automatically updates Story estimates. Conversations enable in-context feedback and communication between globally dispersed teams. This chat feature is accessible from anywhere in VersionOne, and directly from within TeamRooms and PlanningRooms™. It can replace stand-up meetings since team members can share daily progress with asynchronous messages across time zones. PI PLANNING AND EXECUTION Adhere to SAFe® Agile practices by conducting virtual PI Planning with multiple teams and engage leaders in re-planning for the next 3-6 months based on the impact of COVID-19. Leverage program predictability reports to help accelerate decision-making. Identify, visualize, and resolve cross-team dependencies that impact Feature delivery on the Program Board. It eliminates the need to tie sticky notes with yarn to understand dependencies, as many organizations have traditionally done.

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