Agile Earned Value Management

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www.digital.ai Agile Earned Value Management with Digital.ai Don Young, Sr. Solutions Architect, Digital.ai With any development project it is important to track and measure the value being delivered for the business investment made over time to the end-users or stakeholders against plan. Without this, continued investment in the project is difficult to justify. In traditional project management, Earned Value Management (EVM) is a proxy to measure this. EVM is based on a well-defined baselined project plan at the onset of the large-scale project. EVM is a sufficient tool when building items that have been built time and time again, as in manufacturing. Unfortunately, for emergent development, "we don't know what we don't know" at the onset of a project in order to establish a full project basis of estimate to measure against. This is where Agile approaches are well suited. Enter Agile Earned Value Management (AEVM). AGILE EARNED VALUE MANAGEMENT Agile is based on delivering functionality to stakeholders on a regular frequent cadence so that feedback can be gathered, and adjustments can be made to the plan. Agile Earned Value (AEV) is a measure of how much end-user value has been delivered mid-range plan over mid-range plan (a mid-range plan is typically 10 to 12 weeks in length). "End-user value" is defined as capabilities visible to stakeholders that can be scheduled into a mid-range plan that satisfies the known acceptance criteria established at the beginning of the mid-range plan and delivered to the stakeholder sometime after the end of the mid-range planning horizon. In other words, teams develop on cadence while product is delivered on demand. Agile Earned Value Management (AEVM) provides a near-term framework to track and measure true stakeholder value planned and delivered. Each mid-range planning cycle is an opportunity to establish an adjusted basis of measurement based on learnings and stakeholder feedback from the previous planning and delivery cycle. Agile is about delivering valued outcomes, not just output, after each mid-range planning cycle. WHITEPAPER

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